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TONK’S TOYS: Some YouTube Stupidity.

Check out some of my antics on YouTube. Lets start off with my 'review' of the Hot Wheels 2020 new model RV There Yet:   Next, here's me removing a 1976 MATCHBOX HOVERCRAFT from its 43 year old plastic... Continue Reading →

Apologies… And Back to Bloggin’.

Sorry I've not posted for a while. Without going into specifics and boring the tits off you, it's been a hectic 18 months. Plus, I don't believe one's hobby should ever feel like an obligation. I started writing Tonks Toys... Continue Reading →

Bonding with your kids by smashing stuff and filming it. 

CRASHING HOT WHEELS It's school holidays again which means the boys are hanging around the house looking for stuff to do. A couple of months ago my youngest and I made a one shot slo-mo video of some Hot Wheels... Continue Reading →

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