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Some more YouTube stupidity (Adults only, kids!)

Here’s somewhat of a diversion: This is not toy related, but what the hell... I’m allowed other interests, right? It should come as no surprise that I’m a big fan of British Comedy, particularly the classic sitcoms and sketches from... Continue Reading →

Tonk’s makin’ Tees

Because I'm a glutton for punishment and because I'm rapidly running out of things to do during the China Virus lock-down (yeah, I went there...) I've decided to start designing some T-Shirts based on some of my favourite '80s properties...... Continue Reading →

TONK’S TOYS: Some YouTube Stupidity.

Check out some of my antics on YouTube. Lets start off with my 'review' of the Hot Wheels 2020 new model RV There Yet:   Next, here's me removing a 1976 MATCHBOX HOVERCRAFT from its 43 year old plastic... Continue Reading →

Apologies… And Back to Bloggin’.

Sorry I've not posted for a while. Without going into specifics and boring the tits off you, it's been a hectic 18 months. Plus, I don't believe one's hobby should ever feel like an obligation. I started writing Tonks Toys... Continue Reading →

LEGO CLASSIC SPACE MINIFIGURES: How to fix loose helmets

So it's time to face facts: we're all getting older. And so are our Lego minifigures. If you're like me and sitting on a horde of these awesome, seminal minifigs from the late Seventies and early Eighties then I can... Continue Reading →


'Chrome' or vac-metal finishes on plastic looks great and can provide the illusion of real metallic parts to accent the colour scheme of your favourite toy.  But as anyone who has owned a toy with vac-metalised parts would know: the... Continue Reading →

HOT WHEELS 2016: FORZA ’17 GT FORD Gallery

The FORZA Motorsport Collectors line continues with this awesome entry in the form of the 2017 Ford GT, sporting real rider wheels with extra paint and tampo details.  The execution here is near flawless and this Forza line represents great value... Continue Reading →

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