So it’s time to face facts: we’re all getting older. And so are our Lego minifigures.

If you’re like me and sitting on a horde of these awesome, seminal minifigs from the late Seventies and early Eighties then I can only assume some of your little space adventurers are suffering from the same affliction as mine are: loose helmets.

Probably a good 20% of my Classic Space Minifigures are struggling to keep their helmets attached to their noggins but the good news is that the way to fix this problem of insufficient cranial clutch is very simple and chances are you already have the required means within your home. The solution: nail varnish.

Lego minifigure helmet


Simply apply a thin coat of clear nail varnish to the small hole inside the helmet; try to brush it onto the inner wall of the hole. What you’re doing here is adding a tiny layer of thickness to the plastic allowing the stud on the minifig’s head to clutch the helmet better.

I swiped this from my wife’s cosmetics drawer. It’s not mine…I swear.


Be sure to allow the varnish plenty of time to dry; at least 15 minutes, otherwise your little Spaceman’s helmet may become permanently stuck to his tiny yellow bonce. Also be sure to return the bottle of varnish to your wife/spouse’s bathroom drawer or uncomfortable questions may be asked at some point as to why the hell her nail varnish is half empty and sitting on your office desk. If you’re a female and reading this then please disregard the previous sentence and proceed to the next stanza of quality writing. If the previous two sentences make you feel that I am clinging to out-dated gender stereotypes then kindly sod off. This blog is not for you.

Lego minifigure helmet
Get it in the hole  


So there you have it: a quick tip on how to tighten those vintage helmets so your Minifig Spaceman can confidently complete a 360 degree barrel roll while piloting his Galaxy Explorer without fear of losing his oxygen supply and suffocating to death in the merciless vacuum of cold deep space. Hope this helps!

Lego minifigure helmet space classic
“Ahhh.. that’s better. Now to figure out how to repaint my logo…”