For something different I thought it’d be interesting to check out an old Hot Wheels casting which is no longer being produced yet is one that I had been eager to track down for quite some time given it looked so damn cool and bad-ass.  The Hot Wheels RADAR RANGER was first released in 1988 and saw a number of variations until Mattel retired it in 2001. What’s more it was conceived by legendary Hot Wheels designer Larry Wood. 

I was keen to get my hands in this green and purple version from the 1997 ‘Techno Bits’ series. As mentioned before on this blog, I’m a complete slut for toys that feature that colour combo, yet that was just the starting point as to why this Hot Wheel appealed to me so much. I mean just look at it: it features fantastic retro sci-fi stylings, six big-ass wheels in a tight formation and an all die-cast construction. The radar dish even rotates for eff’s sake! 

I was lucky enough to find this example from a local seller at a very reasonable price. The card it came on was pristine, clearly it had been stored well for the last twenty years. 

The only reason I can conceive as to why this model was retired is costing. I think it would’ve been one of the more expensive Hot Wheels to manufacture with those extra wheels, moving radar dish and die-cast body. Because seriously, what other acceptable reason could there be? Maybe it’s not cool enough for the kids of the 21st Century. Maybe it’s just middle age plonkers like me that find this sorta thing desirable. Who knows? What I do know is that it’s now in my collection and I love it. Track one down if you can, it’s a lot of fun and a very well made little Hot Wheel.