The G1 minibots, of which BRAWN was a member, are some of the most beloved and memorable characters in Transformers history. Among their ranks are such Autobots as Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Warpath, Cosmos and Windcharger. Great characters based on weird, goofy little toys made by Japanese toy company Takara, licensed by the US company Hasbro and sold as Transformers. There’s an indefinable charm about those little dudes that reeks G1.

Over the last few years many of these characters have recieved modern updates and seen release under the ‘Legends’ class category, that being the smallest class of mainline Transformers. I love the fact that Hasbro and Takara have chosen to keep these characters small as compared to their wave mates. New versions of Cosmos, Gears, Swerve, Powerglide, Windcharger, Tailgate, Huffer, Pipes and Warpath have all shown up on pegs in recent times and I reckon its great. It really appeals to my nostalgia nerve and it’s fantastic to see these guys enjoy the modern treatment and articulation that today’s Transformers enjoy.

Brawn is the latest G1 minibot to recieve the 21st Century Transformers update and the result is pretty flippin’ awesome.

Brawn forms part of the current mainline Transformers assortment, that being the Titans Return line. The gimmick in the Titans line is that each of the characters in the Deluxe, Voyager, Leader and Titan classes come with a tiny robot that transforms into the head of the ‘bot. As Brawn is a ‘Legends’ class figure, he is too small to accomodate a Titan Headmaster so his head is entirely his own. But in his vehicle mode there is room to place a Titan Master figure in the driver’s seat.

There’s a 5mm port on his back where you can bung his shield or a blaster.

This version of Brawn is clearly based on his ’80’s cartoon appearance. Very little semblance of his actual G1 toy can be found here, save the colour scheme and torso detailing. But to be fair, his cartoon incarnation is what sticks in the mind of most G1 fans so this approach is totally justified.

Brawn sports his characteristic green and yellow colour palette with grey, silver, red and blue accents. In robot mode his build is suitably stocky and he strikes quite the nuggety silhouette on the shelf.

Get some.

As is the case with most modern Transformers, all his articulation points are the ball and socket variety which provides a good range of movement. They’re all pretty solid with no floppiness to be found.

Brawn is packaged with a ‘shield’ which forms the rear part of his roof in vehicle mode. There is no gun accessory and to be honest, Brawn doesn’t really need it:  he’s such a tough little fucker after all. Guns are for pussies, right?

Brawn’s transformation into his vehicle mode is incredibly simple. Really, there’s no need for the instructions. One look at Brawn in ‘bot mode makes working out his transformation pretty easy. But that’s as it should be for these Legends class figures.

His vehicle mode is a fairly generic 4×4 Hummer-type car. It’s simple but gets the job done. Some silver paint on those hubcaps would have been appreciated, but with manufacturing costs being what they are, it’s a minor gripe. At least it keeps the retail price of the figure down. Doubtless the Japanese release of this Brawn will feature a more varied colour palette but it will also carry the price-tag to match.

STYLOR’s looking a bit red-faced… time for a ride home.

In summary, this is a great little Brawn figure and really, the Brawn figure many of us G1 refugees have been hanging out for. He’s small, nuggety and green. That’s Brawn. Unmistakable. He’s starting to hit pegs now so keep and eye out and be sure to pick him up. If you’re a slut for G1 like me, he’s bound to put a smile on your face.

POWERGLIDE, BRAWN and COSMOS. Brain-bursting coolness on display.