The VOLKSWAGEN KÄFER RACER (‘Käfer’ is German for ‘beetle’ or ‘bug’) is a new model for 2017 and a Hot Wheels original design fantasy car. Debuting early in the 2017 line-up in the striking red livery, the Käfer has already recieved a black colour variant am I’m sure the popularity of this fantastic new casting will see many more variants arrive soon. 

Featuring the familiar Volkswagen Bug lines and curves with super stretched fenders and tail-dragging spoiler, the Käfer screams speed and fun. With a huge V8 engine jammed behind the driver’s seat and deep scalloped wheel arches, this awesome little bug looks fast just standing still. 

I’m a fan of both these colour variants and I’m also fortunate to be in posession of a red Käfer custom sporting the deep dish five spoke Real Riders. This is a great new Hot Wheel and one of the best for 2017, no fear. Enjoy some pics.