You know, I’m not feeling a lotta love out there in the Hot Wheels collector community for this new 2017 model. Maybe it’s the adult collectors who are shunning it rather than the kids because I have two boys under the age of ten and in our household anything toilet related is considered an eff-ing riot. Add ‘Hot Wheels’ into the mix and you’re on an instant win.  Also, being Australian means I have a natural tendancy to find the toilet a source of great humour. After all, the ‘dunny’ is an Aussie icon and you’d have to be fairly dead inside not to find something  remotely funny about the  ol’ ‘shitbox’.

Clearly someone at Hot Wheels design caught their bosses on a good day, pitched this idea and somehow got it all the way through to production. And I must say, the execution is pretty great.

In summary, GOTTA GO! is a utility truck with a dunny instead of a flatbed. Also, the grille is a urinal. Childish? Hell yeah. Fun? Absolutely!

One feature that I have not seen mentioned in reviews is the fact that the rear wheels have inward facing tabs on them which hit the base of the toilet seat as the car rolls. This gimmick causes the seat to flap at great speed as the car drives. It’s exactly the same mechanism that was used on last year’s SHARK BITE which had an articulated jaw that ‘chomped’ as the car rolled forward. Awe. Some.

Check out the pics!

Its a urinal grille. Deal.

Who’d have thought a shark and a shitter whould have something in common?
Note the tabs on the rear wheels that cause the seat to lift


The 2018 release of Gotta Go has started showing up on pegs in a powder pink colour scheme with pin-striped white flames and new logo tampo.