A few years ago I sold off about half of my G1 TRANSFORMERS collection. Insane, I know. But to be honest it was a decision I took a long time making. I didn’t have the space to display them and couldn’t justify just storing them away indefinitely. I was happy to get some good cash for them and see them go to a good home. I still planned on keeping my real favourites. There was no way Optimus, Megatron, Scorponok, Omega Supreme, Slugslinger or Thrust were going to leave me. No way. So I ended up keeping about twenty of my best. And I was cool with that.

Over the ensuing years, usually in the dark of night, my mind would often wander back to some of those Transformers I let go and I must admit, there were a handful I regretted parting with – the Headmaster APEFACE was one, as was the Autobot INFERNO and the minibot HUFFER. I’ve always had  a real soft spot for those early G1 minibots like WARPATH, BRAWN, CLIFFJUMPER, COSMOS, BUMBLEBEE, WINDCHARGER or OUTBACK. They were weird, oddly scaled but really likeable. I think the cartoon injected a lot of personality into them and I always liked their compact design.

The HUFFER that I sold was in great condition. I was and continue to be super OCD when it comes to my toys. I always took great care of them as a kid; made sure not to let the vac-metal wear off or let the stickers lift. My Transformers were always displayed, I never chucked them in a box or left them lying around my room. I loved those things and still do today. Sometimes I can get a bit tough on my kids when I feel they don’t treat their toys the way I did when I was their age. Stupid, I know. Maybe one day they’ll understand.

Recently I was in my favourite comic/collectibles shop in Melbourne picking up my regular issues of Superman and Green Lantern when I floated past the newly set up display of G1 Transformers in one of the cabinets. There, sitting right in the front corner was a HUFFER. And he looked pretty good. Not quite as good as I remember mine looking, but pretty damn close. He spoke to me (not literally, but you know what I mean) and said: “Take me home, bastard.” So I did. HUFFER always was a grumpy little sod and who am I to argue?

So after several years of being HUFFER-less, I’m pleased to say that little orange trucker is reinstated in my collection along side his minibot buddies, WARPATH and OUTBACK. He’s happy and so am I.

This shelf just got trucked.

The moral of this story is this, kids: don’t get hasty when it comes to selling your toys. Think long and hard about what you’re prepared to part with because once they’re gone it can be very difficult and expensive to get them back. I got lucky with HUFFER. But I can guarantee you I’ll never find another APEFACE or INFERNO as good as the ones I sold. Not without parting with a shit-tonne of cash anyway.

A quick thanks to Pete and Mark of ‘Comics R Us’ in Melbourne for giving me an awesome deal on Huffer. If you like classic ’80s toys go check ’em out.