Learning. You never stop it. That’s right kiddies, learning shit should be your mantra for life. I certainly learned a lot last week when I made my first Hot Wheels custom. I was really proud of that effort but I made some hard work of simple processes.

Today I decided to take some of those lessons learned and apply them them to another Hot Wheels wheel swap. This time I wanted to slap some Real Riders on the awesome ‘TOONED DODGE DAYTONA.


You need some new shoes, mate.


Once again, the donor car was a fugly Grateful Dead van from the Hot Wheels pop culture line. I grabbed this one for two bucks. Cheap.

This time I managed to make light work of removing the Real Riders from the van’s metal base. Rather than snipping the tabs that hold down the axle, I used a small flathead screwdriver to lever the tabs open. Much easier and much cleaner.


Thanks for the wheels. Enjoy the bin.


The van’s front axle slotted nicely onto the Dodge but again I had to use the Dodge’s original rear axle and glue one of the Real Riders to it. No problem. Car rolls great.


The rolling chassis.


The body just clicked into the chassis without the need of new screws. However I do intend to find the correct screws at some point to finish it off properly.

Hope you dig it.