It’s only taken me about 13 years to finally address the nagging problem I’ve always had with the 2002 (200x) incarnation of the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE MAN-E-FACES figure.

Actually, the problem is not with the figure as such, it is with the weapon he came with. To put it in layman’s terms: it was SHIT. It’s supposed to be a gun, a vague homage to his original ’80s weapon. But it’s not a good gun. It’s a shit gun. Oversized, poorly proportioned, wrongly coloured and just plain ugly. It also included an unnecessary bullet-firing gimmick which made it look cheap. As a result, I always displayed the figure weaponless. For a short while I displayed him with the black OPTIKK gun which came in one of the Masters of the Universe Classics weapons packs. It was okay. But not right.

No. Just…no.


I recently scored an original ’80s Man-E-Faces gun and thought it would suit this 2002 Man-E pretty well. The scale was good but the colour was too vibrant and didn’t fit with the 2002 line’s more muted tones. Plus, it had no paint applications. Many of the 2002 MoTU weapons had a modicum of paint detailing so it was obvious what I had to do.


BEFORE. The weapon of the original ’80s Man -E-Faces


Now I should state right now that I’ve never been a customiser. I like my toys the way the creators intended. I’ve done a bit of paint clean-up before to just correct what the factory should have got right, but I’ve never really wanted to delve into the customising realm. So this was kinda new territory.

Anyway, here’s my take on a 2002 Man-E-Faces gun: essentially a painted ’80s gun. I wanted it to be orange to homage the original but more toned down. I added some copper and silver detailing but wanted to limit the colour pallette so as to fit with other 2002 weapons.


AFTER. Sweeeeet.


Let me know your thoughts. Personally, I think this is a vast improvement. And at least now my 2002 Man-E can stroll into battle properly tooled up, ready blow away some of Skeletor’s scum.