Another from the 2017 A case mainline. 

See, this is another example of why Hot Wheels are just fun: look at that ridiculous artwork on there. And those mad white tyres. I mean, who the hell would have white tyres? I would! Given half the chance. 

This Golf is part of the 2017 ‘Art Cars’ series. Each car features a letter on the roof. Get all the Art Cars, line them up side by side and they spell out “HOT WHEELS ART CARS 2017”. This theme continues from 2016. 

The tampo’s are all pretty tight here with just a small imperfection on the driver’s side. Paint is minimal as all attention is on the tampo art. This particular car came with a small paint chip on the passenger side front wheel arch which I managed to fix with a dab of enamel yellow. Not a perfect match but close enough. 

Check the pics:

Photos by Tonk.