From the second wave of Titans Return Deluxe Class Autobots comes the 2016 version of the G1 Headmaster, CHROMEDOME with his little buddy STYLOR. 

I never had the original G1 Headmaster Chromedome, so this guy is new territory for me. But I must say, so far I’m pretty impressed. The TITANS RETURN incarnation of the main Transformers line is a step up from the COMBINER WARS line of the last two years. The attention to detail, paint applications, build quality and overall finish have really taken Transformers to the next level. The gimmick here is that these figures all come with a ‘Titan Master’ who transforms into the head of the robot. In this case, STYLOR is Chromedome’s Headmaster. These Titans can be interchanged with any other Titans Returns figure, meaning you can swap the heads of your Transformer ‘bots. Want some head? You got it….

Just look at that head. Proper class.

This is my fourth figure from the Titans Return run and so far, none have failed to deliver.

CHROMEDOME is all brown and tan goodness with accents of red and orange to round out his earthy tones. The head sculpt is pure G1 and hats off to Takara/Hasbro for totally nailing it.

If you haven’t got your hands on one of these Titans Return figures yet then do yourself a favour and grab one. The thing that you may not appreciate is how tiny the Titans figures actually are. They are totally dwarfed by their G1 Headmaster counterparts. As a result, the paint on them is virtually non existent. I understand that this is addressed somewhat in the Japanese Takara releases of these figures, but unless you’re prepared to pay triple the price for these bad boys then this is what you’re stuck with. There’s no doubt little Stylor here could certainly use some paint apps on the face and torso.

“Where are my eyes? All I see is red!”

Transformation of Chromedome is fun and pleasing. His vehicle mode is a complete homage to his G1 incarnation. The translucent wheels are a bit odd but I get the thinking behind it: Chromedome is an ’80s futuristic concept car and the wheels are just a continuation of that mindset. Apart from that, his vehicle mode is a faithful reproduction of the zany ’80s version. There’s no doubt in my mind that Hasbro/Takara fully appreciate the adult collecting element of their fanbase and are blatantly catering to it wih these updates of their G1 stalwarts. Any kid nagging their mum for a Titans Return Chromedome would have no idea that this is a direct riff on a 30 year old toy. I think that is really cool.


CHROMEDOME’s two laser guns combine to form a sort of flying cannon for STYLOR. They can also be inserted into the 5mm holes on the side of his vehicle mode so he can ride into battle looking like total hell on wheels.


In both robot and vehicle modes, Chromedome is super tight with nicely locking panels, having pegs and slots where you want them to be. There’s no floppy kibble to be seen here. Like the other Titans Return figures thus far, everything sticks together well which is hugely important when it comes to enjoying your Transformers. He’s nicely balanced and easy to pose on the shelf. Overall, CHROMEDOME is a great example of modern Transformers design and engineering plus a fantastic nod to his G1 predecessor. These Titans Return figures are a lot of fun and with the exception of SCOURGE who seems to be plagued by bobble-head syndrome, rarely has a negative review been seen of any of them.

CHROMEDOME: He’s neither Chromey or Domey but he’s all win.


Blurr, Chromedome and Hardhead. Don’t f*ck with ’em.