So this poor little sod was stuck in a storage box of mine for, I shit you not, about 25 years. I fished him out and was surprised at how good a condition he was in. But he was missing some bits. Namely his plasma gun and one of his backpack tools. I dropped a massive $5 on ebay to secure those missing parts and now my old G.I. JOE TECHNO VIPER sits upon my ’80s shelf in his complete glory.

This is not a rare figure, nor is it a valuable one. This guy was designed and released back in ’87 as an army builder to fill out the ranks of your evil COBRA horde.  There’s plenty of them floating around. You won’t pay much to nab a complete one.

I sold what few ’80s Joes I had a couple of years ago. To be honest, I don’t regret it. They had been resigned to a storage box and I had no real desire to dust them off and display them. But despite that, I couldn’t let this little evil f*cker go. There was just something about that wicked colour scheme and almost sad face that said “keep me, arsehole”. So I did.

I did like G.I. Joe figures back in the ’80s. They were really cool and totally broke new ground with regards to articulation in the 3.75″ scale. I mean, these guys had double the articulation points of their Star Wars counterparts. Any kid of taste would appreciate that. And I certainly did.

It sounds horribly nerdy to say it, but we live in a golden age of action figure and toy collecting and the internet is directly responsible for propping it up. Before the internet, if you’d lost the small parts for a toy then it was game over: either live with it or go buy a replacement toy. The fact that we can now search online for the most obscure items to complete or restore our toys is really quite amazing when you sit back and think about it.

I firmly believe that the ’80s presented us kids with such a rich vein of influential toy-lines and I consider myself fortunate to have lived through and been exposed to it. It feels somewhat timely that the internet came about to allow us ’80s toy refugees to continue our enjoyment of those awesome toys which helped shape us into the adults we are today.

Anyway, my thoughts have meandered a bit…the point us, I’m really happy to have ol’ TECHNO V perched upon the shelf looking back at me with all his bits intact. He may be the only Joe figure I have left from the ’80s but he’s still my favorite. Sure, he’s a bit awkward and goofy but fuck it, he could still kick your arse into next week. Long live COBRA!