So I was sitting in my office contemplating the meaning of existence and trying to compose my next Hall of Fame article when my eyeballs landed upon my small collection of BATTLE BEASTS sitting on the shelf. “Damn those little f**kers are cool.” I thought, in a moment of deep insightfulness.

I found these guys in a storage box in my roof a couple of years ago and decided to dust them off and stick ’em on a shelf. Shit, these little bastards had survived about 30 years and deserved better than being stuck in a darkened cardboard box in the roofspace to see out their remaining days.

I don’t know much about Battle Beasts other than they were created by Takara Tomy (creators of Diaclone and Microman which Hasbro acquired the rights to and then sold as TRANSFORMERS).

Each figure had a little heat-sensitive rub sticker on them, just like Transformers, which told you which faction they belonged to: Fire, Water or Wood. As I understand it, Battle Beasts were incorporated into Transformers mythology in Japan under the name ‘Beastformers’.

There’s not much else to add other than I think these little dudes still look great by today’s standards and are worth tracking down if you fancy a few sitting on your shelf. Finding them with weapons intact may be difficult. But if you find some, grab ’em. They’re great fun.