From the 2017 A Case mainline, it’s the Halloween 2016 version of Poppa Wheelie.

I was never big fan of this model. It seems to have been clogging up the pegs for ages. It must be popular though, as it seems to get a release every year.

But when I spied it in this new colour scheme, I kinda felt I had to snap one up. I’m a slut for flames and the orange/purple combo is an instant win.

Plus, I’m a HUGE fan of the ‘Only Fools and Horses’ TV show so the fact that its a Reliant Robin (or Regal, its hard to tell) justified the purchase in my brain. For the record, the yellow Reliant used in OFAH is a Regal, NOT a Robin: a common mistake. Anyway, here’s some pics:

Photos by Tonk