It’s school holidays again which means the boys are hanging around the house looking for stuff to do.

A couple of months ago my youngest and I made a one shot slo-mo video of some Hot Wheels cars crashing. We stuck it on YouTube so the kids could show their friends. Then it kinda snowballed…

The boys (and me, to be honest) love Hot Wheels. And smashing stuff. So now we’ve clocked up 13 YouTube Hot Wheels vids, each more eloborate than the last. I’m sure that catalogue will continue to grow.

My eldest was playing with his cars on the back deck today and asked if we could shoot some slo-mo. I was reluctant at first as I wasn’t in the mood. But he’d planted the seed and the kernal of an idea started to grow. So I pulled out the iPhone and started directing shots. Before long, we had another tour-de-force in the can.

He then sat with me as I edited the sequence together. He loved the process but got a little frustrated with the concept of having to do multiple takes.

Anyway check it out. It’s cheap and silly. But a great way to spend the afternoon playing with the lads.